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Read real-life gross food horror stories that will make your stomach turn.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Nesquik Devalues Cookie Program

Girl Scouts Endorses Sugary, Chemical-Laden Milk Product

The Girl Scouts empowers and encourages girls through a variety of positive programs. The modern organization teaches young girls valuable life skills and supports their endeavors in business, science, media, adventure and the arts. In fact, some of the most powerful and successful women of our time are Girl...
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Cheese is Often Not a Vegetarian Food

Vegetarians are constantly reading labels and quizzing waiters about their menu options. But a vegetarian who includes cheese in her or his diet is likely eating foods made out of young animal organs. Rennet — traditionally derived from the stomachs of un-weaned calves — is a primary ingredient in the cheese-making process. To make rennet, the lining...
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Bacon in Your Orange Juice?

GM Oranges Could Include Pigs' DNA

For years, Florida farmers have successfully combated the Asian citrus psyllid — the tiny insect that transfers Citrus Greening from an infected tree to a healthy one — by spraying pesticides on their orchards and burning tress that show signs of the deadly disease. But these efforts are no longer...
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