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House Passes Farm Bill — Finally

King Amendment not included, COOL provisions remain

The House passed the 2013 Farm Bill on Wednesday with a vote of 251-166. Next stop, Senate. After two years of debates and delays, the bipartisan compromise resulted in some positives and some negatives. One of the positives is the provision that is missing — the King Amendment. Proposed by...
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Weigh in on FDA’s Guidance for Industry: Acrylamide in Foods

French fries contain saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt, added sugars and acrylamide. What is acrylamide, you might be asking. It is not a new artificial additive or preservative. Acrylamide has likely always been in your fries, potato chips, breakfast cereals and other grain-based fried, roasted and baked foods. Acrylamide forms from naturally-occurring sugars and an...
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Why the FDA’s New Regulation on Gluten-Free Labeling Makes Sense

“Gluten free” has replaced “no carbs” in the current diet lexicon. That avoiding gluten helps dieters lose weight is no surprise. Processed breads, breakfast cereals, chips, cookies and cakes that typically contain gluten also tend to contain other fattening and unhealthy ingredients. But for some people, gluten-free is not just a diet fad; it is a...
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