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U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo Sponsors the DARK Act

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Supports Government Regulations That Take Decisions Away from Consumers

U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo is running for reelection based on a libertarian, anti-government regulation platform. But the congressman only advocates for the hands-off approach when it suits his interests and that of the big corporations that donate to his campaign. On his Pompeo for...
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Gluten-Free Label Now Means What It Says

A “gluten-free” label now means the food, in fact, contains no gluten — or at least not more than the lowest detectable amount of 20 parts per million (ppm). Before today, the lack of standards meant consumers had no real way of determining whether the label meant what it said. The gluten-free advertisement has grown...
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Proposed Food Labels More In Line With Reality

Comment on FDA rule by June 2nd

Today’s savvy consumers look at food labels before purchasing food. Most shoppers also know that the serving sizes are often unrealistic. But, figuring out how many calories, grams of fat and milligrams of sugar you will actually be consuming can feel like an unrelenting third grade arithmetic problem. And, what...
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FDA Proposes Rule to Protect the Safety of Pet Food

New law addresses food safety after contaminated food injured thousands of cats and dogs

In 2007, the FDA announced the recall of more than 150 brands of melamine-contaminated pet food that killed 14 cats and dogs. Investigators later determined that the lethal ingredients were imported from China. In October of last year, the FDA reported that jerky...
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