Why the FDA’s New Regulation on Gluten-Free Labeling Makes Sense

“Gluten free” has replaced “no carbs” in the current diet lexicon. That avoiding gluten helps dieters lose weight is no surprise. Processed breads, breakfast cereals, chips, cookies and cakes that typically contain gluten also tend to contain other fattening and unhealthy ingredients. But for some people, gluten-free is not just a diet fad; it is a...
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Bacon in Your Orange Juice?

GM Oranges Could Include Pigs' DNA

For years, Florida farmers have successfully combated the Asian citrus psyllid — the tiny insect that transfers Citrus Greening from an infected tree to a healthy one — by spraying pesticides on their orchards and burning tress that show signs of the deadly disease. But these efforts are no longer...
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What Does Food Have to Do with the Affordable Care Act?

Healthier food reduces disease and the costs of health care

Almost a year after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed its constitutionality, the Affordable Care Act continues to inspire unrelenting passion. Whether they love or hate it, everybody has an opinion about it. Bring up the topic in any group and you will hear either that the...
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