Generally Recognized As Safe … By Corporations

FDA Allows Corporations to Decide Which Ingredients Are Safe

The FDA assesses the safety of food additives through a cumbersome, lengthy process. However, ingredients that are generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, are exempt, meaning a shorter, easier path to putting GRAS products on the market. Who decides which ingredients qualify for GRAS status? Basically, the...
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Unlabeled GMOs Violate Consumer Protection Laws

DARK Act Would Support the False Advertising of Genetically Modified Foods

Consumer protection laws prohibit a company from selling you a different product than it advertised. If you ordered a Rolex and received a knockoff, you have the right to return the watch and get your money back. The Federal Trade Commission may even pursue civil...
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Obama Tackles Antibiotic Resistance

But Plan Falls Short of Stopping Irresponsible Antibiotic Use By Factory Farms

Antibiotic resistance could send us back to a pre-antibiotic world, where a tiny cut or a bout of strep throat could lead to death in epidemic proportions. This isn’t the nightmarish plot in a futuristic fantasy; antibiotic resistance is a very real and current problem...
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Palm Oil Companies Adopt Zero Deforestation Policies

Pledges Made at the 2014 U.N. Climate Summit

Multibillion-dollar agricultural businesses are rarely known for making positive contributions to the environment, animal welfare and indigenous communities. When one does, it deserves a shout-out and encouragement. After all, policies adopted by large-scale farming operations have the power to change the world, for good or for bad. During the...
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